10 Things You Should No Longer Have If You’re Over 40

Posted On By Akiko

If you are getting closer to the big 4-0, there are likely a lot of things you are thinking about. You may be taking stock of your life and reflecting on your goals, where you are, and where you are going. Turning 40 can feel like a big deal, and in some ways, it is. However, it does not have to carry the stressful emotional weight that society often claims it does. You can use turning 40 as an excuse to shed the things that are no longer serving you and to invest time and money into more adult things. If you are turning 40 soon and are looking for a list of things you should let go of to kickstart the next era of your life, keep reading. 

Ill-fitting or painful clothes

Get rid of all the clothes in your closet that no longer fit, either because your size has changed or the clothes have worn out. That dress or pair of jeans you’re keeping as “goal jeans” are doing you no favors. Additionally, donate all the shoes that hurt your feet. At 40, it is no longer worth it to put yourself through that kind of pain.

Expired canned foods and spices

If you still have spices and canned foods sitting around in your pantry from Thanksgiving six years ago, toss them. You are not going to use them because they are expired anyway. Those you cook for will thank you for not serving them expired diced tomatoes and sticky old cinnamon.

Cheap wire hangers

At 40, it is time to get rid of cheap wire hangers that are stretching out or putting dents in your shirts and sweaters. 40-year-olds’ wardrobes should contain well-maintained clothing that hangs on matching wooden or felted hangers to protect the shoulders.

Hand-me-down furniture

If you are still harboring your great aunt’s couch you had when you moved into your first post-grad apartment, lose it. Donate it to a charity shop or an organization that helps furnish low-income housing. Invest in some furniture pieces that are all your own.

Old records and papers

You don’t need your tax return from 2001. Just shred it.

Vitamins that aren’t doing the job

Lots of adults still have sticky old gummy vitamins that are filled with sugar and provide little-to-no nutrition that they actually need. Ditch the Flintstones and invest in a healthy gut supplement that will improve your gut lining without artificial colors or additives.

Unmatched socks

It is time to get rid of your unmatched orphan socks. You must accept that your other light pink athletic sock will not show up, no matter how many more loads of laundry you do. It might be hard, but it is for the best and will free up room for your socks that are in pairs.

Smelly old Tupperware

Do a thorough check-in of your Tupperware and get rid of any that are stained, cracked, or smelly. Also, it should go without saying, but get rid of any old takeout containers that you have been reusing for too long.

Weird old cords

You know all those weird old cords you’ve been stashing in a drawer but have no idea what they’re for? Recycle them in a safe and sustainable way.

Red Solo cups

If you’re still washing and reusing those plastic red Solo cups, stop. Get yourself a nice set of juice glasses, highball glasses, and water goblets. If you must, keep a few old plastic cups from your college pizza chain to remind you of the glory days and to serve as beer pong cups in a pinch.