The DO-178B, titled Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, was a document published jointly by RTCA and the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE). Certification authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States used this document as the standard for approving commercial aerospace systems. Effective January 2012,Continue Reading

The energy that we use to power our everyday lives is important, and just as important is the impact that fuel has on the world we live in. Fossil fuels are used to power many vital everyday utilities like cars and generators, and knowing how such fuels come about isContinue Reading

You use your Wi-Fi for everything from your cell phone to your laptop to your gaming console. If your Wi-Fi is lagging, here are five ways to make it faster. Invest in high-speed internet High-speed internet can make a huge difference in how efficiently your Wi-Fi works. Internet speed is measuredContinue Reading

When appliances, technological devices, and other items become outdated, obsolete, or require updates, we upgrade or replace them. For example, most homeowners replace old or broken kitchen appliances with new and improved ones. Likewise, a mobile phone, laptop, personal computer, and tablet will give users regular notices to update theContinue Reading

WFO Call Center software provides businesses with the ability to maximize their customer service through automated forecasting, scheduling, and increased quality control. There are many features of Workforce Optimization that allow business owners to make adjustments to their business to improve efficiency allowing their business to grow quickly. WFO softwareContinue Reading

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send tweets of 180 characters or less. Currently, 330 million people worldwide are registered to use Twitter. Although Instagram has more users worldwide, a smaller percentage of its users are located in the United States. Twitter users send half aContinue Reading

The auto industry is as popular as ever, meaning that there are plenty of jobs for the diligent worker. Whether you’re changing careers or are just getting your professional or educational start, if the auto industry is in your sights, it’s important to know how to find and obtain employment.Continue Reading

It’s hard to deny the crucial role technology has in modern society. Over time, technological devices and inventions have revolutionized the operations of many industries and contributed to breakthroughs and feats achieved by humankind. For example, using computer systems and technology allowed humans to overcome the challenges of putting a manContinue Reading

Marketing is everywhere people look whether they notice or not. Marketers have to anticipate how consumers will react to what they see and to do this they apply psychology to advertisements. The more responsive consumers are to advertisements, the more vulnerable they are to marketing tactics that convince them toContinue Reading

The Internet has changed the way people communicate, work and learn. 95% of the population of Europe and North America is active online. The high user levels mean that there is also a high volume of content available online. This includes courses and webinars teaching specific skills. These training opportunities can helpContinue Reading