Americans are wasteful people. We tend to buy cheap things and throw them out when they fall apart or stop working — which is often, because we buy such cheap stuff. This is our “throw-away society,” and it’s terrible. It’s a waste of our money, our time, and our planet.Continue Reading

Launching a new product or service is a daunting proposition, no matter where your place is in the market. Trying to woo new customers with a flashy new service line or build a market presence from scratch takes a mountain of effort. The level of commitment to market research neededContinue Reading

An automatic dialer, or autodialer, is a device that automatically dials phone numbers. When a call is answered, the device will either play a prerecorded message or connect the call to a live person. These days, automatic dialers are generally part of software packages, and they’re a vital part ofContinue Reading